The Acimowin Volume 9 Issue 4

Tansi here is the Samson Cree Nation’s local news: Registry Office opening, Enoch Traditional pow wow 2023 and lot’s of upcoming events like Water Our Shared Gift conference on April 20, 2023. Adobe PDF volume9issue4 Issuu link  

The Acimowin Volume 9 Issue 2

Tansi, here is the Samson Cree Nation Acimowin volume 9 issue 2. This issue: Election Law General Meeting, Pigeon Lake Job Fair with AECOM, the SHRed Mobile and finally the Guitarfest 2023 on April 22, 2023 in Samson. Adobe PDF: vol9issue2 Issue link:  

Election Law General Meeting

There will be an Emergency General Meeting with the Samson Cree Nation band members for the purpose of the Election Law to be held on Tuesday March 21, 2023, at the Samson Bingo Hall at 1 PM. Zoom will be provided to those who cannot attend in person. Meeting ID: 822 1141 1591 Passcode: 377908.…

Paskwa Mostos (Bison) Repatriation

Join us for the Paskwa Mostos (Bison) Repatriation on Tuesday March 7, 2023, at Bittern Lake-Signs Will Be Posted. Ceremonies will begin at 11:00 AM. Parking is limited and please dress for the weather as this is an outdoor event. For more information please call the Samson Communications Department at 780-585-3793 or Email:  …