Mimiw Sakahikan Aquatic Habitat Restoration Project


Samson Community Wellness (SCW) are building capacity and increasing awareness to maintain stewardship and protection of the Mimiw Sakahikan (Pigeon Lake) aquatic habitat.  SCW is working with the support and knowledge sharing of Elders and Traditional Knowledge holders to conduct this project. This is a legacy project committed to protecting Pigeon Lake. Samson Cree Nation members recognize Pigeon Lake is important and integral to our language and culture because it is an area to be immersed in our Treaty and Inherent Rights to hunt, fish, trap and gather medicines.

Expected Results

  • Increased awareness a capacity of the community to contribute to the long-term
    sustainability of the aquatic habitat, conduct future studies, and complete aquatic habitat restoration projects through training, knowledge sharing, and documentation.
  • Increased knowledge of the current condition of the aquatic habitat through multi-
    seasonal data collection.
  • Development of paper and digital historical habitat maps of traditional values and key
    cultural components of the aquatic habitat.
  • Restoration of a selected lakeshore site through vegetation planting.


Winter Camp 2023

Families from Samson Cree Nation were immersed in ice fishing, water sampling and learning how to use fishing equipment over 3 days in March.

Land 2 Lab Camp 2023

Families from Samson Cree Nation participated in a seasonal community land and watershed camp which provided training for participants on watershed assessment, water and fish sampling, and habitat restoration.

Mimiw Sakahikan Willow Harvesting 2023

Families from Samson Cree Nation participated in seasonal willow harvesting and planting in the Mimiw Sakahikan area.

Elder Interviews

Elizabeth Rowan Interview – February 10, 2024

Mary Rose Johnson Interview – February 10, 2024

Maxine Cutarm Interview – February 10, 2024

Bernice Stoney Interview – June 25, 2023

Holly Johnson-Rattlesnake Interview – June 25, 2023