Vision Statement
Samson Cree Nation is a healthy, educated, knowledgeable and industrious community

Mission Statement
Samson Cree Nation is a Sovereign Nation that is dedicated to improving quality of life for all our People by maximizing our Human Resources and respecting our Cree Language and Traditions of our Peoples

Samson Cree Nation is a Sovereign Nation that is dedicated to our language and Culture by maximizing Human and Natural Resources ensuring the continued survival of our people. We sustain the power of values & honour our Cree thought and Way of Life. Nehiyaw and Iyiniyiw Pimatisiwin

Pimacihowin:  Way of Life

The knowledge and guidance of Elders make meaning to our Cree thought, language and way of life.  We sustain and maintain the essence of promoting the ideal quality of living for all People by maximizing our human resources.  We will collectively promote socio-economic growth within our community and for future generations.

Wahkohtowin:  Kinship

We believe in strengthening families and building positive relationships within our community.

Sakitowin:  Love

We will continue to move towards productive lives, promoting our Cree culture, language and traditional values by being caring and compassionate with all our People.  We believe that love and sharing are essential for the development of a safe and healthy community.

Tapwewin:  Honesty

We believe truth and honesty are fundamental in empowering our Nation.  We will provide guidance and make collective decisions, which benefit the community and future generations.

To develop a Constitution for Samson Cree Nation, and address accountability to the members; develop the roles and responsibilities in conjunction with the Code of Conduct for the Chief and Council. Further to address the need to preserve the understanding of Treaties and writing traditional Cree laws.