Referendum 2019

Nîpisihkopâwiyiniwak – Citizens of Samson Cree Nation, Here are your upcoming Information Sessions regarding Samson Cree Nation Paminikewwîyasiwewin – Constitution and Citizenship Law in November 2019. Here are the dates and locations: As well, please view the Referendum 2019 information on the pull down menu on the front of the SCN Website.

Community Engagement

There will be a community engagement in Pigeon Lake/Mameo Beach on Thursday November 7, 2019, starting at 12:00 PM and going until 1:00 PM. The topic: Housing, Trades and Public Works. Please see the poster for contact details.

Federal Election Voting

Today is the vote for the federal eleciton. Nation members can make their way to the HBMC in Samson to vote until 7 PM tonight. You can register at the location and please bring your identification. Nation members residing off reserve please go to your local polling station.

Buffalo Treaty Summit-Chico Hot Springs, USA

The Buffalo Treaty Gathering in Chico Hot Springs in Montana, USA. First Nations from Canada and the United States gathered with new and existing Buffalo Treaty signatories. The Buffalo Treaty is about nurturing cooperation, renewal, restoration and to create partnerships among the original Buffalo people (Nations) of North America. Five First Nations signed the Buffalo…

Buffalo Treaty Gathering 2019

Chief Vernon Saddleback invites New Signatories and Existing Signatories to the Buffalo Treaty Gathering in Chico Hot Springs at Yellowstone National Park, Montana USA. that is scheduled for October 6-8, 2019. to register, -summit-official-delegate-registration-tickets-68269492891 #BuffaloTreaty @Gathering #ChicoHotSprings #Montana #USA #SamsonCree